PODCAST: Depression is Real

In order to overcome the demons of depression, one must first acknowledge that they indeed do exist.

I’m dealing with depression. To begin with, I signed yet another one of those “Promise to Be a Sheep” forms at my job. I shall have my collection laminated. This sinus cold is making me feel like I got run over by a Hummer.  Aww man, what else? Well, my bank account is a joke, my summer body never came, my Y-chromosome decided to become an X and my origins are in Africa.

Laying in my bed last night, staring at the ceiling, with tissue in my nostrils I realized something. I was receiving Facebook messages, text messages, phone calls from former suitors, current situations, and determined prospects.

Although it appeared that I had so many people seeking my attention and time with all things considered I always feel alone. It’s a big world out here and some days, yo, I just feel alone.

Black folks depressed. 

How do you expect to win the war with the pale man when you cower away from the battles within yourself? I don’t like the constant feeling of being sad. It is a detrimentally draining space.

I will be attending a wedding ceremony to someone very close to me. I am eager and anxious to take a slight break from this thing called life. You can’t run away or ignore your problems given that they’ll be there waiting for you when you get back — ready for battle.

Anti-Depression Task #1 – limit television.

There is something mentally unsettling and unnatural about “watching” tv. I’m addicted to reality tv and Netflix [binge watcher]. I own perhaps 100 books. In my living room, there are four cases overflowing with books being the anchor for a 40-inch television sitting on top. I haven’t read more than 20% of those damn books yet I watch television every day. Such a fraud.

I am ready to brawl and sacrifice for my mental stability, physical health, spiritual strength and emotional substance.



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black lives matter

Who is Black Lives Matter Mpls?

On December 22nd, 2015, Black Lives Matter Mpls held their first official meeting

All Black folks and identifying POC’s were to attend and become enlightened on exactly who we are and what we do. A meeting for Black Lives Matter Allied Supporters took place at a separate site where they, too, could brainstorm how to aid Black leadership. Michael McDowell, Kandace Montgomery, and Miski Noor – all founders of the chapter, covered topics such as history, guiding principles, demands and leadership.
 Black Lives Matter (BLM) Mpls emerged after the non-indictment of officer Darren Wilson on November 24th, 2014 for the murder of Mike Brown. Black people started emailing one another, having the conversation about what could be done. In March of 2015, BLM Mpls organized a coalition march on Lake Street as a response.
At this time there was a national call to shut down highways where BLM Mpls occupied Highway 55; and I-35 to support the fast food workers strike. With solid connections with leaders in both New York and Ferguson, BLM Mpls became one of the 32 chapters making up the Black Lives Matter Movement Network – which has extended internationally.

What Do We Want – When Do We Want It

Since last year, and to the present day, BLM Mpls has been worked on building infrastructure and increasing Black power in Minneapolis. It has far too often been falsely reported that we do not have any demands. That is a lie:
  1. Release the Tapes – as we saw in the case of Laquan McDonald in Chicago there is a reason the tapes aren’t released until after the trial. We want the tapes now.
  2. No Grand Jury – this is where cases drive off to die considering there is only a three percent indictment rate. We want a special prosecutor.
  3. Invest in Black Future’s a.k.a. Reparations – stop funding private prisons and police and instead reinvest in our community. We want our money.

BLM Mpls is constructing a Black Agenda.

Current leaders would like to extend leadership opportunities to use every person, strength, and talent that will benefit the movement! BLM Mpls now consists of six departments:
  • Fundraising – meeting financial needs of the organization in ways of merchandise purchasing, member dues, door-to-door fundraising, etc.
  • Arts & Culture – building black centered spaces that show respect to digital art, theatre, spoken word and street art.
  • Communications – telling our story the correct way within our community and the media
  • Healing Justice – creating safe places to unpack issues within the Black community
  • Community Outreach – intentional and diligent community service
  • Youth – establishing service in and through education and creating youth-friendly spaces

It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.

You are now caught up.

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Police State, USA

I just watched Fruitvale Station for the first time tonight and….

May God forever be with Oscar Grant and the millions of black people who are murdered by the hands of a police officer. For a police officer, 11 months in prison “justice” for taking the life of an innocent man, however, a black man is sentenced to 5 years just for having a dime bag; taking away his human rights and options for survival as a convicted felon. Where is the justice in that? There is no justice when you live in a Police State, USA.

Omali Yeshitela Said…

“But the reality is…the police become necessary in human society only at that junction in human society where it is split between those who have and those who ain’t got.”

Tonight, I also watched Nelson Mandela starring Idris Elba. It’s completely disgusting how white people all over the world have a deep-rooted hatred for black people. You know, it severely makes my ass itch when people, either black or white, say, “well, that’s not all white people”. Yes, it is.

Under their judgment we are all thugs; lazy bums who will rape their women, kill their children and rob their homes. You’re going to tell me that I cannot stereotype a white person because of the color of their skin?

Long Ways Back to Africa

White people have a taught hatred because of how powerful they know black people genuinely are. If only black people, especially in America, would join to fight off the oppressor. We will never do anything or get anywhere on this long walk to freedom if we are not organized.

It was Africa that which life originated from but your history book doesn’t say that. It was the Africans who invented math and had already explored the stars; they forgot that part too. They have established cities, universities and paved roads in Africa; indoor plumbing, thriving communities and beautiful scenery. Yet the only images they show you contain starving children, drinking murky water, in tattered clothes, swatting away mosquitoes infected with West Nile Virus. Why is that?

Everything You Know is a Lie

Why is it that the only images of Jesus show a blue-eyed, blond-haired white man? How are Egyptians considered white people when Egypt is undeniably in Africa? Is there a reason Annie why can’t be black? Is it because the religion that slave masters forced fed the slaves had an image that which resembled the master; because black people couldn’t possibly be kings or queens. Are you saying little black girls should not have a positive role model in their age bracket?

The reality is white people are actually the minority. The reality is that white people are in fact the inferior race however as long as black people remain divided, white people will continue to enslave Americans through capitalism/white supremacy. Back when Christopher Columbus vacationed in the western hemisphere ( he didn’t “discover” shit) there were about 70 million white people on the planet and well over 200 million Native Americans and Indians. However, by the late 1800’s, 98% of them died due to disease-infested blankets offered as gifts.

Fight the Power!

There is no regard for black life as we saw the accounts of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, John Crawford III, Yvette Smith, Kimani Gray, Shantel Davis, Aiyana Jones and far too many more. Murderers are free to roam this bloodstained land while their beautiful, black bodies lay rigid on the ground.

The police, the courts, the states – the country, doesn’t offer black people an explanation, therefore, we have no power. They want us marching peacefully. Perhaps, they suggest that we should not sag our pants or play our music so loud. They tell us that possibly we should stay in school, go to college, get careers and become model citizens. Well, we can’t do that when senseless rap music is on constant replay. That will never happen when the schools aren’t teaching you shit and modeled after the prison system. We aren’t “model citizens” in a society that is now not yet designed for our success.

No, my black people, the system didn’t fail – the system worked and that is exactly what the problem is. I don’t know about you, but I’m not singing not a nan-nother negro spiritual trying to overcome in this racist country. Fuck I look like convincing the klansman and all the other men who took part in the kidnapping of my people that they should like me? Miss me with the Al Sharpton bullshit.


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It’s Not a Conspiracy if It’s Not a Secret


I’m on social media frequently to observe and there one word that keeps coming up in these conversations is “conspiracy”. Unfortunately, it used entirely out of context. Let’s start off with some working definitions:

Conspire (v): to agree together, especially secretly, to do something wrong, evil or illegal.

Conspiracy (n): an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot

Top 5ish

  • Was Lee Harvey Oswald the only shooter? Perhaps even the shooter?
  • Were American government agencies behind the 9/11 “terrorist” attack?
  • Is there really life on Mars?
  • Is Shakespeare a fraud?
  • The Bible?

The above questions are examples of a conspiracy. White police officers are not indicted, or even arrested, for the slaughtering of black people. It is not a conspiracy. It is a blatant disrespect and disregard for life, therefore, making it inhumane. It’s racism at it’s finest.

You Already Turned the Other Cheek — Now Turn It Back

Let’s be honest, ladies and gentlemen, most black people, after the original civil rights movement, looked the other way when it came racism in AmeriKKKa. They “let” us eat in their restaurants, they “let” us move into their neighborhoods, they “granted” us the same education as their children. Black people took their 40 acres, mule and truly believed that they had made it.

Inconvenient truth: we should have stayed separate. Why? Malcolm said, “segregation is that which is forced upon an inferior by a superior – separation is done voluntarily by two equals”. Why did we fight so hard to be apart of their society when they made it very clear that they never wanted us in it? To this very day, they don’t want us shopping in their stores, date their children – they don’t want us ALIVE. White AmeriKKKa has brainwashed a substantial amount of black people into buying into the concept of “new black”. New black, old black – black is black. White AmeriKKKa will never let you forget it; so don’t.

It Could Be Any One of Us

Can you believe you will be shot for rushing your daughter home because she has asthma? It can happen while riding the train on New Year’s Eve. You can be shot for walking home carrying snack from the corner store. You will be shot for simply being ALIVE.

The KKK wasn’t a secret; they want it to be known that they hate black people; AmeriKKKa really wants you to believe they all just perished. As in completely fell off the face of the Earth. No, no, they just took off their white, pointy hoods and put on $5000 suits. They became our teachers, congressmen and, of course, police officers. Currently, in AmeriKKKa a white man can be recorded killing a black person and still make it home in time for dinner.  Your victim lays dead in the street.

What I want to know is how the white man, with the blood of black people dripping off his fingers, can have the audacity to be asking black people, “Do they hate him?” That takes a lot of nerve. – Malcolm X

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108 Days for a “Not Guilty” Mike Brown Verdict

It’s yet another sad day in AmeriKKKa for African-American citizens

Mike Brown’s death won’t be avenged by those who sit on Capitol Hill but rather in our communities. 108 days. We aren’t playing checkers – this is wizards chess. When the national guard can make it to Ferguson before they made it to Katrina you know something’s up. They would let us drown and starve before they arrest a white officer for murder; it’s time for a REVOLUTION. They say the Black community needs a voice – keep reading.

Racism in AmeriKKKa:

The country built on the genocide, rape, and murder of hundreds of millions does not have a conscious. We look to them for justice? A white male officer slaughtered a young, black male in cold blood in broad daylight; they don’t give a fuck. This is the same country that wants you to focus on the riots happening in the Middle East and China. They distract you with the Ebola outbreak and the disappearance of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jung Ho.

This is the same country that teaches young children how terrible it was for Hitler to kill thousands of Jewish people. This is the same AmeriKKKa that claims to spread justice worldwide and it doesn’t exist in its own country. When it’s time to speak on the negativity that has governed AmeriKKKa since the beginning of time they will silence you.

They shove cameras in our faces, stand in foreign countries and shout, “look at what’s happening in China!” or “did you see the terrorists in Iraq?” There are no soldiers in Ferguson standing with the community but instead, they were in Clayton surrounding white people and their businesses. No one protected the peaceful protestors from the tear gas getting thrown at them or the protestors from rubber bullets. This is supposed to be a country for all the people by all the people. Unfortunately, all I see is a country for its’ white citizens governed by its’ white citizens sending whitewashed black people out to the masses. These people work in our schools, live next door to us, run our libraries, sit in Congress – racist white people did not vanish, they simply learned how to blend in.

Black on Black Crime:

I’ve seen so many ignorant people on social media say, “well, blacks kill black all the time” and I really loved this one, “people in Chicago dying every day and nobody cares”. Let me explain something to every person who dared spew those words from their lips: Black people kill black people – white people kill white people, please have a seat; we care about the Black men in Chicago, we really do, have another seat.

The hatred, frustrated and problem lie in the unjustice system. If a black man shoots another black man you can expect him to go to jail. If a black person does any bodily harm to a white person, you can rest assured that life is over for that person. Darren Wilson’s life is not over – Mike Brown’s is. He will never live a day working his dream job, he will never get married but Darren Wilson was able to do all of those things and never pay for his crimes.

Black lives have always mattered and they always will – just not to the people who sit at the top of the pyramid. We are outraged at the message they are sending that at any given time and for any reason at all, a white person can kill a black person and face no consequences. I don’t want to hear another black person say that we don’t care because we have cared for all our time in this country. This isn’t new to black folks.


Black people are being slaughtered at an alarming rate and it’s making history. After hearing his speech, I am a firm believer (my mind won’t be changed) that Obama spoke like he’s running for a third term. Well, what more could he do? How about the same executive order card you pulled on immigration – arrest Darren Wilson. Do not stand for this! As the most powerful BLACK man in the world, make it count! Make it count otherwise you’re just another co-conspirator in the hypocrisy that is the democracy.

Black Culture:

They tan to be darker, they get dreadlocks to look like us, they attempt to enhance their bodies to match what we were born with. Our clothes, dancing, music, and dialogue was stolen by them and used to feed their agenda. We, Black People, created everything, however, understand that black culture is popular – black people are not.

Macklemore dominates at the Grammy’s! White folks winning shit that’s SUPPOSED to pay homage to Black people? How is he essentially a better musician, with a better rap album that Jay-Z or Kanye West? Macklemore – an Irishman from Washington state? Next Iggy wins the award for best rap album at the AMA’s? A white woman from Australia? Motherf*ckers never loved us!


No cross-examination of Darren Wilson? They rested before they even got both feet out the bed.

Who are our leaders:

I commend the NAACP, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson for their contributions to the movement but they need to retire. Every. single. time. that there is racism in AmeriKKKa we call upon the same two people to fight the same battles and have yet to overcome.

We are being hunted down like animals and they want peaceful boycotts and marches. Hold on now, weren’t we doing those same, exact things in the 50’s and 60’s? Where did it get us? Martin Luther King died for peace. We cannot have the same, tired (I had to do it) leaders leading us.

Dear Al Sharpton, don’t tell me to be peaceful and march and protest and boycott when it that shit don’t work. What is a vote? What is a march? Slain victims have their character and humanity put on trial, like being a person wasn’t enough. A “peaceful” march is not the answer.

When black people literally have to prove that we are worthy of life – protests are simply not the answer.

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America: Damn You!

In today’s episode of how hypocritical and, ultimately, fucked up “America” is: ‘Government Assistance’ – Damn you!

I tell my story to anyone that cares enough to sit down and listen. Forewarning, be ready for joy, sorrow, hate, love, and triumph: long story. My point is that I make is very clear that I quit my job to live out my dream as a writer. The love of words is deeply ingrained into my DNA and I am content in life doing whatever allows me to put a pen to paper and let it all flow; blog, poems, grant writing or law school midterm papers. Whatever the topic I love to write, hell I would have been an English teacher if I liked kids and simultaneously believe in the concept of “college” (another conspiracy) but nah.

Let the government tell it, God forbid you to do it on your own. They force feed us toxicity that deteriorates our mental capacity to think for ourselves and challenge the way they have designed “life”. My followers, family, friends, and fans (I love to think I actually have those) know that I walked away from it all. It wasn’t a very rational decision: come lunch time I knew I was done.

Fuck that promotion! Follow your heart! Chase your dreams, dammit!

Not there’s – yours!

Don’t you just hate job interviews when they ask, “why do you want this job?” Ummmm, because I have a mailbox full of bills? Instead, we opt for, “because I believe that I have the drive, passion and necessary qualifications to XYZ.” What makes you think that anyone enjoys waking up at 6:30 AM to shower, eat, dress, sit in traffic and make you millions of dollars? Get real. Yet there is so much monetary value placed on life that everything becomes about chasing a promotion.

Because my income went from “BALL OUT” to chicken dust in less than 12 hours, I had to rely on the assistance of our ever-loving government. Care to know what they told me? I am unemployed and don’t qualify for emergency help. Hahaha – you laughing as hard as I did? I thought the program was EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE. What a joke! They gave me a rejection letter, told me to find a job and reapply. Guess what I did two hours ago? I reapplied because your girl secured herself income. Get ready for this one…

I don’t make enough money! Isn’t this just the funniest shit you’ve heard since Eddie Murphy’s “Raw”? Once I decided to be my own person and think for myself to walk my path was the day I felt liberated and free. Hennepin County apparently is unsupportive of my dreams.

I guess had I stayed my ass at Walgreens working 10 hours a day, 9 days a week, I’d be floating on easy instead of drowning in dreams.

This all goes to say that I stand by everything that I did and will continue to do. I have a strong support system: my mother is awesome, my brothers’ are too cool and my honey is sweeter than yours. America, you will NOT control me. My destiny is my very own, not yours. This land isn’t even a country! The United States of America is a corporation! You weren’t expecting that with your Cheerios this morning, were you? Google it.

They will continue to control, alter and make fools of us if we let them. My message is to always be your own person and ask every question. Own your mind because if you give that up, they will destroy you.

I’m out.

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